Introducing Monticle's Senior Women In Health Programme, curated by Catherine Davies

Strengthening women in leadership & empowering confidence


Our purpose

We're experts in creating energising spaces that bring together and support tight-knit groups of exceptional women (yes, you). We curate insightful discussions with guest experts who inspire and teach a community of high performers in the health ecosystem.

Are you a healthcare leader ready to position yourself for your next level of growth? Do you want to make high level connections, build valuable relationships, spot hidden opportunities, prepare for unforeseen challenges and lead with kindness and authenticity? This programme is for you. Join us.

"A colleague joined the program last year and recommended it. During the past year, I watched her take on a new energy in the projects she was leading, for example taking on equality & diversity. She brought in examples from elsewhere and referenced voices and methodologies out side the organisation which were new to us and very relevant. I didn’t know that the program – with its broader horizons and inspirational speakers - was her secret new ingredient!" National Medical Director & Programme Alumnus


We understand now more than ever how busy you are and so we have curated an exceptionally high quality programme requiring just 3 hours of your time a month for 3 months.

There will be 3 sessions each month – for 2 sessions we'll be joined by guest experts and for 1 session we will discuss a topic that is important to the group in a closed-door setting. You'll benefit from:

  • Build relationships with a peer group of exceptional women in health who want to lead and maximise their impact
  • Closed door, candid sessions with guest experts on a range of topics from resilience, diversity, negotiating promotions and pay rises, career management, learning on the job, imposter syndrome, investment and more…
  • Valuable relationships and advice to find solutions to professional challenges more easily
  • Intelligent conversation with kind, generous women who are familiar with the health sector
  • Time away from the pressing day to day pressures to reflect on “important but not urgent” work

Sessions are arranged at times that work for everyone, generally last around one hour and are unrecorded so everyone can speak freely. This is such a small investment of your time for a long-lasting return.

Investment: £2,000 or 3 x payme​nts of £750 (excl. VAT)
Most participants fund their place on the programme through their organisations

Guest expert speakers include:

Amelia Armour – a VC investor on authentic leadership in a male-dominated world. Amelia is a scientist by background and has worked in finance for a number of years.

Cath Bishop – Olympian and diplomat on resilience. Cath has competed at 3 Olympic games and worked for the Foreign Office in Bosnia and Iraq. 

Jacqui Smith - Chair of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS FT, former Home Secretary and Chair of Barts Health on learning on the job. Jacqui is a British broadcaster, political commentator and former Labour politician.

Dr Michelle Tempest – a psychiatrist and business consultant on burnout. Michelle worked as an acute psychiatrist for over a decade and now runs an advisory business and invests in early stage companies.

Provided us with measurable momentum

“The program was excellent helping us move ahead in difficult times and providing us with measurable momentum”

Made me more confident in what I did know

“This program made me more confident in what I did know/had experience of and I will carry that forward with me”

Worth every minute!

“Thank you for the outstanding work you did on the program. I think everyone will agree that it was worth every minute of their time”

Fascinating to hear different perspectives and experiences

"I really enjoyed the Networking session. Fascinating to hear different perspectives and experiences in life of others."

What I was feeling was shared

“I really valued the opportunity to hear how other female leaders were dealing with the crisis, both professionally and personally, and to see that much of what I was feeling was shared”

Meaningful Connections

"I  like to meet interesting people and make meaningful connections, as opposed to surface-level networking, and this seemed a good way to do it".

Interested in joining?

Simply click the button below to enrol on the programme and we'll do the rest. If you'd like to discuss the programme in more detail or pay in three instalments, email